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Dear colleagues!

We are delighted that you decided to join our team.

In order for your employment with HSE NRU to commence, you are required to make yourself acquainted with the local regulations adopted by the University, as well as provide us with the documents required by the Russian labour law.

Dear colleagues, we put your attention that the notification  of conclusion of the employment contract should be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs within three working days since the start day of the employment contract.

Foreign specialists are required to submit the following documents for employment

Local regulations:

1.  Internal regulations

2. Procedures for Applying Disciplinary Measures for the Violation of Academic Standards for Student Papers

3. Procedures for Student Expulsion/Dismissal at the Initiative of HSE

4. Protecting Personal Data

5. Faculty Appraisal

6. Regulations governing business trip assignments for employees of the National Research University – Higher School of Economics

Annex 1 to Business Trip Regulations Memo & Cost estimate

Annex 2 to Business Trip Regulations Document Management

Annex 3 to Business Trip Regulations Expense Report

Annex 4 to Business Trip Regulations Comprehensive Report

Addition to Annex 4 of Business Trip Regulations List of Business Trip Events & Results

Annex 5 to Business Trip Regulations Duration of Business Trip for Intl Faculty

7. Regulations on Granting Short-Term Sabbatical Leaves

8. Guidelines for use and obtaining of ID Badges for access to HSE facilities

9. Regulations for the Use of Corporate Electronic Mail System

10. Procedures for Provision of Employment-Ralsted Documents

11. Procedures for Populating and Updating the Faculty Profiles

12. Employee orientation training in the area of health and safety

13. Intellectual Property Rights Agreement_1 Intellectual Property Rights Agreement_2

Procedures for development, revision and approval of course syllabuses.pdf
Appendix 1 to Procedures for development, revision and approval of course syllabuses
Appendix 2 to Procedures for development, revision and approval of course syllabuses
Appendix 3 to Procedures for development, revision and approval of course syllabuses

Applications forms:

HSE Annual Leave Application Form.doc
HSE Annual Leave Changing Application Form.doc
HSE Resignation Letter - заявление об увольнении.doc
HSE Short-Term Sabbatical Leave Application Form.doc
HSE Unpaid Leave Application Form - неоплачиваемый отпуск.doc
HSE Annual Leave Application Form followed by resignation.doc

In case you have any questions related to the HR documents and procedures, please do not hesistate to contact our HR department:

Contact person:

HR specialist
Zakharov Anton
Myasnitskaya str.20, office number 555
Tel.: (495) 621-42-36 * 11488
E-mail:  aazakharov@hse.ru

Working hours: 9.30 – 18.00

HR specialist
Urgarcheva Marina
Myasnitskaya str.20, office number 555
Tel.: (495) 621-42-36 * 12655
E-mail:  murgarcheva@hse.ru

Working hours: 9.30 – 18.00


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